Do you have changes you would like to make to your home so you can enjoy it more? Even a custom built house can have things that didn’t come out as planned. Perhaps you love where you live but there’s a list of improvements you would like to make. This can be true about rentals as well. Or maybe you are just overwhelmed by ‘stuff’ as you look around and don’t know where to start. We have been helping people organize their homes for many years and want to help you Love Where You Live! We can even make the process fun!

There’s a lot you can do without breaking your budget to make any home lovable. Start by making a list of what you love and what you don’t. Don’t worry about the cost yet. First, figure out what needs to be done.

Questions to consider:

1.    How are you using the space?
2.    What do you like about it?
3.    What comes to mind first about changing your space?
4.    Do you have enough space or too much?
5.    How many people live in your home?
6.    Is there open space on walls, surfaces, floors?
7.    Do you like the color?
8.    Does the lighting work for the activities in each room?
9.    What activities take place in each room?
10.  Do you have enough big storage (basement, attic, garage, shed)?
11.  Is there space to put things away (closets, furniture, pantry)?
12.  Does everything have a permanent home?
13.  Is it easy to pick up?
14.  Is it easy to clean?
15.  Does it get cleaned regularly?
16.  Does seasonal maintenance happen? (gutters, windows, yard, deep cleaning?)
17.  Do any family members have health issues or special needs?
18.  How old are the residents?
19.  What happens with trash and recycling?
20.  Does the location work for your needs?

These questions can help you identify potential areas where cost effective changes can be made to your home. Give them some thought and then give us a call at 207-233-1622. Remember, there’s a lot that can be done to make any imperfect home liveable and loveable.