Selling your home is a big deal. You want your investment to bring top dollar, but you also want it to sell as quickly as possible. Bettina & Company know how to get your house staged to sell as quickly as possible. Here’s our system. We can help you with this or we recommend these steps to be done:


This is a great time to have a face to face with your stuff.

What stays?  Stuff you need to keep using until the day you move.
What goes?  Stuff that you no longer need and can give away or sell.
What lives elsewhere?  Stuff you are taking with you but can live without until you move. Think 4-6 months ahead.


Now, because you can, clean your house like you mean it. In particular, kitchen and bathrooms. Make the appliances look like new. Use white eraser sponges and don’t forget to look up and get those ceiling fans and light fixtures. Move the furniture to get into the corners and clean those floors. Windows are also important.

We treat your house like it is ours and won’t rest until it is clean and sparkling.


You don’t need a lot in a home to stage it. In fact, most home staging happens by moving out extraneous furniture. Consider the minimal amount of furniture you can live with while your house is on the market.


This is the time to fix anything that’s not up to snuff, inside and out.  Sometimes painting and putting in new appliances or carpet make sense. I recommend this on a case by case basis.

If you plan to sell in the future, start now. Do you already have a date to put your home on the market? If so, call us today at 207-233-1622. Together we’ll figure out how to get your house ready and you into your new home on schedule.