Hosts Bettina Blanchard and Ross Goldberg talk with retired home inspector Jack LeClair, who shares his wealth of knowledge and experience inspecting homes in New England.

Whether you are staying in your home or preparing to move, ready or not, itโ€™s time to unfurl that checklist of spring chores. Jack guides you to the key areas inside and outside your home that will help keep your home healthy.

One thought on “Home Inspector Tips with guest Jack LeClair

  1. Hello Bettina,
    We were wondering if you or one of your collegues would be able to do a one night workshop on “Downsizing the Bettina Way” or some other name ๐Ÿ™‚ Merrymeeting Adult Education covers Brunswick and Topsham. We could put it in our summer catalog or if that isnt’ convenient we could offer it in the fall. Also if you had ideas for other offerings that would be great too. Thanks so much. This is a great website.

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